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Innovative digital lending solutions

More power to CFOs

About Credimi

Credimi is a web platform that turns invoices into cash advances in a simple, fast and reliable way. Corporates and SMEs can apply in minutes to get the advance within few hours.

Credimi offers two products:

  • Supply Chain Finance, targeted to large corporate groups.
  • Open Market Invoice Discounting, targeted to any company requesting an advance for active invoice.

There are several web platforms for invoice discounting in Europe, providing alternative source of financing to companies.
In 2018, Credimi is the largest platform for invoice financing and digital lending in continental Europe.

Cumulated turnover since launch (€M):
millions of euros / months

Credimi is authorized by the Bank of Italy as financial intermediary.

Why Credimi outperforms traditional factoring

Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Credimi went online in February 2017 and has quickly become a leading digital lender in continental Europe, processing more than 5000 financing requests from enterprises and financing 10,000 invoices up to September 2018.
Credimi is authorized and supervised by the Bank of Italy.
Four primary investment funds – including Banca Generali and Anima - have signed agreements to subscribe €300 million in loans originated by the platform. The agreements have been recently upgraded to match the steady volumes growth.
Credimi’s business model is different from most competitors, due to its risk evaluation proprietary technology, which is almost completely automatic, and the authorization to lend from its own balance sheet – so Credimi can approve loans to companies in real time.

Credimi was founded in September 2015 by Ignazio Rocco, the founder and CEO and a group of co-founders with finance, technology, risk and management background.
Several of the most successful Italian entrepreneurs have privately invested €8.5 million in the Credimi seeding. Credimi has recently reached an agreement for a €10 million capital increase from investment funds United Ventures SGR and Vertis SGR, along with a few of the investors who took part in the previous rounds.
The Team currently has a staff of 35, mainly aged 28-35.
Credimi is currently focused on further expanding its client base, product offering and talent pool, while continuing with its mission to help companies to improve the management of their working capital and business partners and to improve supply chain efficiency.
The development phase will shortly enable Credimi to lay the groundwork to expand into other European markets.

For lenders

Credimi is an innovative asset class for professional investors. It builds a bridge between SMEs and investors.
We give to institutional investors the opportunity to directly invest in the SMEs short term credits which are originated from our platform, after a thorough risk analysis.
We target institutional investors only, Credimi is not available for private investors.

Credimi is a new asset class:

  • short term – average credit duration is 3 months
  • diversified – small tickets, SMEs from different sectors and geography
  • not directly linked to capital market trends – credits are from SMEs
  • low risk – risk analysis is rigorous; only part of the financing requests are approved and Credimi is directly financing few invoices, sharing the risks with investors
  • transparent – we leverage on advanced technology to give our investors real time access to detailed info about credits
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